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About Asiafert Taiwan Origin China Origin Sales Network Contact Us is e-marketing for international agricutural business origination from Mr. Simon Lee who founded the company- Yirher Chem & Hort Co., Ltd in 1989 which is the leading import & export company located in Taiwan with main scope of Agricultural business.

In1991 , Mr.Simon Lee (CEO of Yirher Chem&Hort) also established a new factory in Ping Tung County ,Taiwan and named by Regrowth Agri-Tech
Co., Ltd as the subsidiary of Yirher Chem & Hort Co., Ltd to produce quality products ranged in specialty and traditional fertilizers, such as organic fertilizer , organic compound fertilizer ,NPK water soluble fertilizer, Liquid fertilizer ,micronutrients and some OEM formulas required by customers. Given to the rapid changing of agricultural environment, our factory is constantly promoting production skills and actively seeking to innovative products to satisfy the needs of all the different crops and different farming.

Since 1997, due to the progressive changes and demand of the international markets and increasing demand from customers, Yirher Chem&Hort ( have integrated our ability to make full use of Taiwan’s finance and logistic advantages markets with our joint ventures and manufacturing plants in China to focus on our second product line (asiafert china origin) for fertilizer business mainly in phosphate fertilizers( MKP, MAP, DAP, , NKP compounds, etc), calcium ammonium nitrate , humate , seaweed extract powder ,plant hormone and others.

Yirher Chem&Hort Co.,Ltd ( it’s manufacturing system and trading network has grown into medium enterprise with a turnover of more than USD 600million and total employees 120. It’s business now spans across the world with clients from China , Southeast Asia, Australia, Africa, Middle East and North America.

With stringent quality control and advanced management systems we ensure that only top quality fertilizers are marketed to our customer's full satisfaction. In keeping with our motto Quality and Sincerity, we provide comprehensive services to all our clients; no business is too small for us!



Yirher Chem&Hort Co., Ltd
Marketing headquarter: 13F~4 , NO.56 MIN SHENG 1ST ,KAOHSIUNG ,TAIWAN
TEL:886-7-2266699 FAX:886-7-2266625
Factory:NO.8-2, Min Sheng RD., Ping Tung county , Taiwan

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